Loyalty Analytics

Why Improve Brand Loyalty?

The key to driving long term business performance is understanding the lifetime value of interactions with customers and how to drive brand advocacy.

The entire idea of loyalty is not an easy aspect to decipher. There are different perspectives of loyalty which ultimately have a direct impact on consumer buying behavior. The insights derived from Loyalty Analytics allow marketers to define marketing tactics that will continue to drive effectiveness, loyalty, boost the reputation and growth of your brand.

45% said they were not sure of what loyalty rewards to be offered that will be valued by customers.

42 % operators say it's hard to coordinate loyalty programs across all customer touchpoints.

45 % stated they do not have systems and processes in place to measure the effectiveness of customer loyalty programs.

How Does the Solution Work?

Unlock Insights’ solutions help marketers design digital loyalty and gift card programs that have a lot of potentials when implemented correctly. These programs allow you to build a contact database of consumers with new promotional strategies that will attract and lure your loyal customers to spend more.

With these data, you can understand the buyer triggers, customer buying cycle which eventually improves the revenue of the business. Some of the key insights this solution provides:

  • How will you customize loyalty programs?
  • How to identify the most valuable customer and reduce the churn?
  • How to interpret & measure the effectiveness of a loyalty program?
  • How should you target the most profitable customer segments?
  • How should design the offers and discounts to drive in revenue?
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How Unlock Insight’s can help...

How UnlockInsight’s can help...

Why Unlock Insights Team?

  • We assist you with the detailed and deployable solutions that lead to increased new revenue opportunities.
  • We provide business insights which will help you take decisions with exemplary precision.
  • Our Insights help you design strategies to beat the competition and achieve specific business goals.