Process Analytics

We enable our clients to analyze the complex relationships between process factors and output targets thereby pinpointing the process parameters that are critical for quality. With predictive models running in real time, you can directly intervene in the long-running process flows typically found in manufacturing plants, and therefore avoid waste and reduce failure costs. Over time, this will lead to process standardization with strict tolerances and ensure minimal scrap and rework.

Quality Assurance

Boost first pass yield by identifying and minimizing variances that affect quality. With an analytical solution in place, you can get real-time alerts in case of non-conformance to required specifications or regulatory compliances and get rid of quality and safety issues before they become widespread.

Machine Analytics

It is possible to analyze historical data trends and proactively predict potential machine failures. Analytics can help prevent downtime that causes maximum loss of productivity and also increase capacity utilization to drive higher throughput and hence margins.

Supply Chain Analytics

Forecast demand for raw materials and gain greater visibility into supplier quality levels to decide on the best suppliers in time sensitive situations. Analytics can also help you plan for customized build-to-order multi-component products with minimal impact on production schedules and staffing levels and thus drive higher gross margins.

Next Steps...

Manufacturers generate abundant operational and shop floor data on a daily basis which can prove to be a gold mine for analytical insights.

We assist our clients in rejuvenating their manufacturing processes across the product lifecycle to drive sales and boost margins in highly competitive environments.