Consumer Packaged Goods

Channel & Sales Analytics

Enable your channel managers to forecast, budget and plan multi-channel trade promotions across geographies. With custom dashboards, you can monitor channel partner performance and the response to trade promotions in real-time enabling you to focus on the most profitable channel segments. Our analytics solution also empowers your sales force with product, inventory and pricing data to generate orders at the point of sale at the store level and fulfill them smoothly.

Customer Analytics

Track each interaction with your customers throughout the lifecycle – from lead generation to sales to customer service. Segment your customers based on spending patterns, expected lifetime value, product preferences and geographies to customize your offerings and drive unforgettable customer experiences.

Supply Chain Analytics

Empower your inventory plan managers with improved supply chain visibility, demand forecasting, and network optimization analytics to reduce operational costs while maintaining optimum product availability. Analyze supplier profiles and purchase patterns to drive favorable contract terms in sourcing and procurement.

Marketing Analytics

Boost your brand’s mindshare with the right communication at the right time to the right audience. Marketing analytics enables you to micro-segment your customer base and arrive at the right mix of advertising & promotions, select the most impactful marketing channels and promote the most engaging marketing content. Allocate your marketing spend in the right way and watch the ROI grow exponentially.

Next Steps...

Is your CPG business experiencing stagnating growth in existing markets or facing stiff competition from local competitors in emerging markets?

We help you boost ROI on your marketing & distribution initiatives, reduce time to market for product innovations and drive brand loyalty with our customized analytics solutions for the CPG industry.