The insurance industry is confronted with an inflexion point – increased competition, relatively low premium growth, rising costs, outdated legacy systems, complex business models particularly in underwriting and claims and ever-increasing customer demands and expectations – which is fuelling an outcomes-focused operations and technology (O&T) scorecard. At the helm of this O&T focus, is the urgent need to digitize processes, which reduces human intervention across multiple touch points, resulting in improved decision-making and enhanced customer relationships. In order to address these concerns, the insurance industry is increasingly turning to RPA.

Areas of application of RPA within the insurance industry include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Claim Processing

Claims are the bread and butter of insurance, they say. Then why not optimize this huge element of your business, with our automation tools? We provide versatile automation functionalities.

New Business Preparation

In your quest to scale and reach new customers, let automation build prospect lists and suggest pitch strategies to increase chances of conversion.

Account Receivable, Account Payable, General Ledger

Accounting and filing is a key component of your business. That’s why our recognized efficiency tools for AR, AP & GL is the best bet to moderate costs.

Invoice Processing, Requisition to Purchase Order

Our focus on optimizing finance functions is manifested in helping your colleagues turn around invoice processing, requisitioning and raising purchase orders faster than ever.

Payroll, Hiring, Candidate Management

Form a more cohesive talent department by automating key verticals like payroll and candidate management through our HR tools. Don’t be left behind as your peers race ahead.

Customer Service

It’s time to give your customer experts deeper skill training to handle deeper case problems, as you digitize your mundane service activities