10 Use Cases for RPA in Insurance Industry

We are living in an era where each day breaks to face a new technology and the whole world is under the control of these different technologies. Robot Process Automation is one among the emerging technologies that has come up with so many promises for different niches.

Robot Process Automation is the software technology that works based on software robots that have Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks like controlling desktop based applications, collecting data base on certain aspects, feeding the gathered data to some applications and also to manipulate the data that is already gathered from previous processes based on the current scenario.

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How can RPA help companies rethink HR Tasks?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning and the applications thereof are widespread across various sectors and industries. Another technology that is creating ripples is RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

As a HR leader, you must be aware about the increasing use of Robotic Process Automation in easing up tasks and fastening up processes. It is a technology that has been successfully implemented in other functional departments but only recently companies have started to apply its vast potential to the Human Resource space.

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8 RPA Use Cases in Retail Industry

Retail has been one of the most prominent and growth oriented sectors, especially in the emerging markets in the recent past. According to a report by eMarketer, the retail industry is expected to reach a mark of $27.7 trillion in global sales by 2020 and along with the growing opportunities; the competition among different players is rapidly rising.

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