HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Emerging competitive landscape, evolving workforce needs, and sophisticated work demands have changed how enterprises look at their most valuable assets – employees. But as organizations weave their way into a different future, the optimal tool we offer is workforce analytics. Begin future-proofing your HR strategies.


Talent Management & Workforce Forecasting Metrics

Having comprehensive insights into all arms of your talent department gives you the power of historical data and a future perspective of where the department is headed towards. Forecast upcoming talent and investment requirements. Derive valuable insights as you begin to ace the talent race.

Recruitment & Retention Metrics

Managing employee churn is an unnecessary headache that organizations invariably end up in. Tracking how your recruitment and retention programs are performing can give you a sense of how happy your workforce is with you as an employer. It also shows how fresh recruits are settling in and liking the offerings.

Recruitment & Retention Metrics

HR investment ROI Metrics

Get periodic updates on the return on investments into your recruitment, training and employee engagement efforts, so you can know the bang you are making your bucks. Get notice of changing trends for you to alter your strategies before it’s too late.

Performance & Compensation

Since career trajectories are important to account for HR departments, our metrics will help you improve the accuracy of evaluating and awarding employee performance, backed by actual facts entering the system.


Learning & Development Metrics

Training and continuous improvement are integral to a robust talent strategy today. Feed in data from your training resources and activities for the system to display the performance, feedback received and suggested improvements. L&D metrics helps you not just keep your workforce updated and empowered, but gives you a glimpse into future training requirements.